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621 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02141         (617) 547-9191
Retail hours: Monday - Saturday 9AM to 10AM - Seniors only (60+)
 Monday - Saturday 10AM to 3PM - all shoppers welcome

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Thanksgiving week store hours:
Monday 10am - 5pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 8am - 5pm, Thursday - Closed
Friday 10am - 2pm, Saturday 9am - 3pm, Sunday - Closed
Our sign is a trademarked historical landmark ONLY.  We no longer process any poultry on-site.


For generations families in the greater Boston area have insisted on Mayflower for the centerpiece of their Thanksgiving feast. Place your order with us for a truly delicious turkey that will have your friends and family lining up for second helpings!

Turkeys are sized in two-pound increments: from 10-12 lbs up to 28-30+ lbs and sell for $2.99/lb.

Thanksgiving Turkey reservations require a $10.00 deposit and can be placed beginning October 15th.

Early reservations are encouraged, as some popular sizes sell out.
Reservations can be placed at our shop at  621 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA
or by calling us at 617-547-9191 with a MasterCard or Visa for the deposit.

Turducken: De-boned birds for 'Turducken' are available from Mayflower. This delicious and novel presentation of turkey, duck and chicken all-in-one offers a unique treat for Thanksgiving and other special occasions. For $120.00 you get a 16-18 lb Turkey, a 6 lb Duck, and a 4 lb Chicken, all de-boned and ready for you to assemble into the final product.


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Come into our shop at  621 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA   (click link for directions)
Call our helpful, knowledgeable staff at 617-547-9191
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